Friday, May 25, 2012

You Have to Start Someplace

Hello World......or whomever reads this attempt at self mutiliation via the world wide web.  My name is Steve and I live in New Jersey.  If you know me, well now you're really going to get to know me, maybe.  If you don't know me, well then good luck.  You'll have to figure out if you know me by reading this because I'm not going to put a picture of me on this....for now anyway.  I've caused enough pain to my family and unless they feel comfortabe with my writing this, I won't identify myself, completely, on this.  Not like that really matters anyway cause I don't see this being really me anyway.

A little about me...very little for now..   I'm 52 years old, divorced, 4 wonderful, grown children and 3 adorable grandchildren.  My ex-wife (we'll call her "Addicted Liar") lives in Texas now and was occasionally screwing with me by telling me she made a mistake in divorcing me and wants us to be together.  Ah, I digress.....   I'm a salesman by profession.  My best friend calls me a professional bullshitter, but I don't really lie to my clients....I do enough of that in my personal life. Again I digress....maybe I have ADD (not making fun of it or anyone that is or believes that they are ADD)

More about me???  Well, I've had a tough life, by my own creation.  I was born with some looks, skills and confidence.  I've lost a lot of them since my mother brought me into this world. 

Why read my blog?  I don't really know.  I'm using it as a way to cleanse myself with the hopes that maybe by reading what I write about my escapades I'll realize what an absolute asshole I am and have been over the years.  I could be wrong...   Either way, you may laugh, ridicule, emulate....whatever you feel actions.  I can't control what anyone else does...only what i do.  Sometimes, anyway.

More about me???  I'm a sports ethusiast.  Love the Celtics, Steelers and Pirates cause that was what my Daddy watched when I was growing up and you had to watch what Daddy watched cause we only had one TV.  Even so, I grew to love them.

I'm probably going to ramble and jump between present day and past infractions....or incidents...or days.  My mind is constantly moving and reliving the past (I know, my therapist told me I can't look behind me if I want to move don't have to tell me).  So, just bear with me and my warped mind.

Well, I'm going to go for now.  Have to catch up on  few things and get ready for my Granddaughter's 3rd birthday party tomorrow.  I missed a couple of days this week because of my sorid life.  You see, I'm a recovering drug addict (among other things) and I'm in recovery exactly 2 days now.....    Talk to you later, I hope